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Just a Little Talk: With a new introduction by the author


Dominic has been released from prison after serving time for the accident that claimed his best friend’s life and destroyed his future. As he travels through his neighborhood headed home, rain starts to fall, forcing him into a church and an encounter that just may restore his life.

An old priest enters the church and sits to chat with Dominic. Dominic learns this man is a good friend of his parents. What’s more, this man claims to have known Dominic all his life. Dominic can’t remember the man, but he carried on a conversation with him anyway. As they talk, Dominic relives moments from his past and confronts his beliefs about God and Jesus. Dominic wants to believe, but how can he after what has happened? And would Jesus even want to know him? What makes Dominic worthy?

Discover how life can be forever altered when Dominic takes his time for Just a Little Talk.

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